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Frequently Asked Questions

Who creates the lesson plans for JA's programs?

JA's programs are created by professional curriculum development staff at JA Worldwide. Our programs are rigorously evaluated and revised every few years.

Do JA's programs correlate with my state's educational standards?

Every JA program correlates to the educational standards for your state.

Who will be teaching the JA lessons?

JA's programs are taught by adult volunteers from the local community, including professional businesspeople, parents of students at each school, and local college students. Each volunteer is trained by a member of JA's staff prior to entering the classroom.

How much classroom time will I have to commit to JA?

JA's programs are traditionally taught by volunteers from the local community for 30-60 minutes each week for five to twelve weeks, with the exact time commitments dependent upon the grade level of the students. You and the volunteer can determine the specific schedule for the JA program implemented in your classroom.

How will the volunteer's visits to my classroom be scheduled?

After you submit your Program Request Form, a member of the JA staff will provide you with the contact information for the volunteer that has been assigned to your class (and will provide your contact information to the volunteer, as well). You and the volunteer will contact one another directly to determine and/or confirm the dates and times for the presentation of the JA program.

What should I do if I'm having difficulty contacting my volunteer?

Please contact the JA Program Department if you experience any difficulties at all.

What will be expected of me when the volunteer is in my classroom?

Junior Achievement and your volunteer will both expect that you will remain in the classroom to assist with classroom management and any potential disciplinary issues. The volunteer will provide you with a guidebook so that you can follow along with the lessons being taught and link it to material that the class has been covering, if you so choose.

My school currently has a partnership with a local business. Is there a way to incorporate JA into this partnership?

Absolutely! Many schools and businesses find that Junior Achievement is an excellent way to grow and develop a partnership. For more information on how to best do this, please contact our Education Director.

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