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High School Programs

JA Be Entrepreneurial®

JA Be Entrepreneurial challenges students to start an entrepreneurial venture while still in high school by developing the essential components of a business plan.


JA Career Success™

JA Career Success equips students with the tools and skills required to get and keep a job in high-growth career industries.


JA Company Program®

JA Company Program emphasizes business content, while providing a strong focus on social studies, mathematics, reading, and writing skills. Through a variety of hands-on activities and technological supplements designed to support different learning styles, students develop a better understanding of the relationship between what they learn at school and their successful participation in a worldwide economy.


JA Exploring Economics®

JA Exploring Economics tackles a complex subject and makes it accessible and fun for high school students through hands-on activities. JA Exploring Economics teaches concepts such as supply and demand and inflation, and teaches students about the effect which governments and the individual have on the global economy and on the price of a loaf of bread. By making economics engaging and relatable, JA Exploring Economics helps students better understand the impact they have on the economy as consumers and taxpayers, and teaches important personal financial lessons around spending, saving, and investing.


JA Job Shadow™

JA Job Shadow meets the needs of a diverse group of high school students by providing engaging, academically enriching, and experiential learning sessions in work-readiness education and career perspectives.


JA Personal Finance®

Students participating in JA Personal Finance recognize the fundamental elements of their personal finances: earnings, saving and investing, budgeting, credit, risk management, and giving. They apply these fundamental elements to a personal financial plan that allows them to set specific goals for their lifelong financial needs and desired quality of life.


JA Finance Park®

Taking students into the world of business, JA Finance Park is a month-long economics education program that introduces personal financial planning and career exploration. It is designed to be taught to high school students by classroom teachers. At the culmination of this program, students visit JA Finance Park to put into practice what they've learned about economic options and the principles of budgeting. Assisted by their teachers and a staff of trained volunteers, they have the opportunity to actually develop and commit to a personal budget.

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